Zuora Expands India Footprint with New Office in Chennai

Zuora Expands India Footprint with New Office in Chennai
With a 200-person capacity, engineering talent at the new office will help drive global product

innovation in the Subscription Economy

Zuora’s team in India has grown 3x in the last two years and plans to expand hiring

Chennai, March 7, 2023 – Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO), a leading monetization platform provider for
recurring revenue businesses, announced the opening of a new office in the Brigade World Trade
Centre, Chennai, to support its largest employee population outside of the U.S. The office was
inaugurated today by Zuora® Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tien Tzuo, and is a hub for
product and engineering talent focused on global product innovation.
Zuora’s new Chennai office is 20,115 square feet with a 200-person capacity. Equipped with state-of-
the-art technology and resources, the office includes space for both group collaboration and
independent focus. It also offers a kitchen and café area for colleagues to connect beyond work.
“We’ve intentionally designed the new Chennai office to support our vision for the future of work,
empowering teams to determine how they work best in an environment that’s collaborative, flexible
and inclusive,” said Mr. Tien Tzuo, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Zuora. “India is a strategic centre
for skilled talent, and we look forward to growing Zuora’s team, accelerating product innovation and
helping the world’s best companies win in the Subscription Economy®.”
Zuora’s team in India has grown 3x in the last two years to 450 across the country. The company plans
to continue its headcount expansion over the next two years and beyond.
Born out of a vision to evangelize a fundamentally new way of doing business, Zuora was started in 2007
when Mr. Tien Tzuo recognized a major economic shift to deliver recurring, people-centric subscription
services instead of one-time product sales, coining the term the “Subscription Economy.” This
transformation has led to a rise in new digital services, rooted in ongoing customer relationships,
focused on desired outcomes and experiences. These businesses continue to grow faster than

traditional, product-based businesses: Subscription businesses in Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index
have outpaced S&P 500 growth rates by 4.6x over the past decade. 1
For more information, please visit Zuora’s website at www.zuora.com.

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