VISUism, a transformative book for management professionals

Chennai: VISUism, authored by Visweswaran Sundararaman (Visu), is a pathbreaking book
aimed at transforming the minds of management professionals across the spectrum.
Management consultant: A management consultant to the core, Visu is passionate about
helping companies unlock their hidden potentials even while enabling their sustainable growth,
going forward.

Bridging classroom learning: The author also helps management institutions bridge their
classroom learning with a practical know-how. The target audience being management
professionals and students, the book is sure to impact all of them.

The reach: Within 20 days of its publication,100 plus books have been sold out in the market to
help benefit readers who need management key insights, paradigm shifts, practical application of
nuances involving theory of constraints methodology, to name a few.

Solving unresolved problems: To be precise, the book can encourage readers of all hues to try
out common-sensical ways of solving (long-time unresolved) management problems.
Mission: Visu’s mission is to radically transform 100 plus companies and impart practical
knowledge of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to 1,00,000 plus business/management students
within 2030.

Strong credentials: Visu has strong credentials, including BE, MBA, and MS (USA), with a
commendable training and certification in Thinking Processes and Application of the Theory of
Constraints by world renowned Israeli guru Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

Insightful interactions: The book describes various insightful interactions the author has come
across during his 26 plus years of business transformation journey across various companies.
Real-life experiences: Indeed, the author narrates his real-life experiences in the form of
corporate stories, for the first time. Being a trained expert in the Theory of Constraints (TOC),
the plot for these stories emerges from the thinking and application based on the TOC
methodology acquired from Vector Consulting Group (a pioneer in TOC-based management

Real paradigm shifts: Every story revolves around key factors unearthed during the respective
interactions. Most of the insights would be real paradigm shifts for the readers. These stories are
written in such a way that it is easy and interesting to read and understand without any work
experience or TOC knowledge.

Bottom line: At the end of every story, readers can pick up key recommendations that are vastly
different from the common-place misconceptions.

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