9th December 2021, Chennai: Sundari Silks, the go-to destination for finest sarees and fabrics for over 80
years now, hosted its exclusive Saree Styling Workshop on 9th December 2021 with the much-celebrated
stylist from the fashion world.
The workshop at Sundari Silks aimed at reliving the Indian weaves and showcasing them in the most
distinctive way. The event kicked off with the ramp walk models setting the stage on fire, elegantly
dressed in different styles of sarees. The ramp walk was followed by a workshop session curated by the
Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist & Costume Designer – Sunil Karthik who explored the various regional drapes
showcased at the ramp and explained each style of draping along with the process of doing it. The event
was graced by the prominent Indian classical and contemporary dancer and choreographer Ms. Anita
Ratnam along with the eminent Celebrity stylist Mr. Sunil Menon.
Commenting on the event, Mr. Manmohan, Managing partner at Sundari Silks said, “Sarees are the most
versatile and widely used fabric and at the same time not been accorded the right place in styling today.
Balancing culture and tradition with modernity, this saree styling workshop aspires to touch the
sensibilities of both the saree connoisseur and a modern woman. I would like to thank Ms. Anita Ratnam,
Mr. Sunil Menon and Mr. Sunil Karthik who took the efforts and made the workshop a memorable
experience for the many who took part in this workshop.”
Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sunil Karthik – Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist & Costume Designer said,
“Sarees are rooted in the psyche of Indian women and is accorded most celebrated spot in one’s wardrobe.
Sarees brings alive the ancient cultural connect in India and has evolved to suit each regions’ climatic
conditions, geography, context and the culture of that region. It is a privilege to be part of this workshop
hosted by Sundari Silks – a brand that symbolizes saree weaving in Chennai.”

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