Parvathy Hospital Launched DEXA Scan Free DEXA screening camp will be conducted till 31st July 2022

Chennai June 30th, 2022: Parvathy Hospital, brings DEXA scans the quick and easy bone density test to diagnose osteoporosis and other bone density related illnesses. Thiru. E. Karunanidhi MLA Pallavaram constituency inaugurated the The DEXA scan facility. A free DEXA screening Camp was launched by Ms. K. Vasanthakumari, Mayor, Tambaram in the presence of Mr.G.Kamaraj, Deputy Mayor, Tambaram, Mr.E. Joseph Annadurai, Regional Committee Chairman, Region 2, Tambaram Corporation and Ms. G.Vijayalakshmi Councilor, 28th Ward

DEXA scan measures bone mineral density in order to determine whether a person is at risk of osteoporosis or not. Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, or DEXA, involves directing two X-ray beams at the bones. The density profiles from these X-rays are used to calculate bone mineral density. A DEXA scan can detect changes as small as 1%, making it more sensitive and accurate than a regular X-ray, which can only detect changes in bone density (osteopenia) after about 40% bone loss. DEXA doesn’t hurt and lasts for about ten minutes. The radiation exposure is very low—only 10% of a typical chest X-ray.
DEXA can determine bone mineral density for any bone but is most commonly used for hip and lumbar (lower) spine. The examination can also be used to perform vertebral fracture assessment. This examination looks for skeleton-related bone issues, such as those in people who have persistent back pain or who have lost more than an inch of height in the past year. Vertebral fractures frequently have no symptoms.
According to Dr.S.MUTHUKUMAR, (Chairman) Parvathy Hospital, “It is especially useful for the aging population and women in the menopausal age. In this age the BMD decreases substantially due to osteoporosis which is related to hormonal changes during this period. The Dexa scan shows the thickness and the porosity of the bone and can be used to test all the bones in the body including the hip-joint.”
A bone mineral density assessment may be considered every two years, depending on age, gender, and other factors.
Parvathy hospital has been serving the community for close to 30 years thanks to the support of the local population. And as part of our initiative to give back to the society, chairman of Parvathy Hospital Dr. S Muthukumar has announced Dexa free screening for the local population through various channels including to cover women above 50 years of age.
The free screening includes those patients who come to the govt general hospital Chrompet needing a dexa scan till July 31st 2022.

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