OMEGA CAREERS FAIR Organised by Cialfo along with Lalaji Memorial Omega International School and Heartfulness Education Trust Heartfulness Education Trust

30+ Well-Known Universities from across the world and 1500 Students participated in the event

Chennai, August 13, 2022: Cialfo, India’s premier edtech player and early career exploration and
college application platform, joins hands with LMOIS (Lalaji Memorial Omega International School),
Chennai conducted a “CAREERS FAIR” in Chennai at the Heartfulness Retreat Centre in
Manapakkam. Lalaji Memorial Omega International School (Omega) is a well-renowned, flagship
school in Chennai that provides holistic education to students and guides them towards building
meaningful and purposeful careers for their future. Having started its journey in 2004, Omega is
based in a serene location spread across a sprawling 22-acre facility with state-of-the-art
infrastructure and boarding facilities attracting enrolment of students at the current 6,000 numbers.
This “CAREERS FAIR” organised by Cialfo in association with Heartfulness and LMOIS, includes stalls
setup by more than 30 renowned universities from across the world and is expected to serve the
aspirations of thousands of students in planning their careers towards a bright future. 
Speaking about the Careers Fair, Mr. Rohan Pasari, Founder of Cialfo said, ‘We are excited to
partner with Omega schools through our special series of Career Fairs, which we’ve specifically
created to support nextgen learners at Omega School as part of our mission to make education
accessible across India and worldwide.  Omega’s “new school” approach aligns with Cialfo’s
innovative spirit and focus on positively impacting students, schools, and society, with speed and at
scale. This partnership will help Omega’s school Career Counselling Committee (CCC) and educators
create higher levels of engagement with students and their parents; provide smarter guidance about
the colleges and scholarships they can apply to; and achieve faster rates of acceptance to colleges
that ultimately will set them up for long-term career and lifelong success.”
Speaking about Omega School, Mr. Bharath Madhavan, Correspondent of LMOIS said, “At Omega
school, we are positioning ourselves for growth, innovation, and inclusion. The traditional system of
rote learning is going to become a relic in the modern world where the right set of skills are essential
for employability and research. The result-oriented exam-based approach of education is the old-
school style and not the Omega way. We believe ourselves to be a progressive school that promotes
students to pursue new opportunities in order to become future leaders. Our motto at Omega is
School -> College -> Career -> Life and our work takes all our children through this entire journey
towards self-development and excellence. In order to achieve this objective, we have a very strong
Career Counselling Committee (CCC) that is keeping abreast with the latest opportunities in the field
of education for our children to embrace and seek the best placements for their growth. Our CCC is in
partnership with various experts in the career guidance space as well as in MoUs with various
universities for providing the best opportunities for our children. Our efforts are steady and
continuous in raising the awareness of parents and teachers towards progressive and emergent
career spaces for children with a variety of skills and talents.”
About Cialfo: Cialfo provides transformative technologies, thinking and tools to students and schools
– from K12 to universities – so they can more easily meet, manage the career exploration and
college application process, and make educated decisions about their future. Since establishing a

presence in India in 2019, the company has quickly become a market leader, with over 60% of all
high schools that use a college application platform now using Cialfo. Each year, more than 56,000
students and their counsellors on average use Cialfo’s platform and its Direct Apply functionality to
access up-to-the-minute and unbiased information about universities worldwide; apply to multiple
institutions with a single application form; secure scholarships, and more. As a result, the team has
become a trusted partner to globally recognized and renowned Indian universities alike.

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