Launch of Apollo Ortho Wellness Circle, a support group for ortho issues, sports injuries & more in the presence of Actor Arya

Chennai, 18 th May 2022: Our bone health is critical in maintaining our physical health which in turn
contributes to our overall wellbeing. As we go through the various stages of life, we face different
challenges in keeping our bones healthy. It could be a birth defect, fracture, accident or bone loss
due to ageing. It’s essential we know how to deal with these in order to keep our bones healthy.
Apollo Hospitals launched ‘Apollo Ortho Wellness Circle’ – a support group which provides medical
guidance on dealing with various Ortho related issues. This group meets online every month to
discuss solutions to common ortho issues and is headed by a committee of specialist Orthopedicians
from Apollo Hospitals. This group is open to anyone who is interested and aims to build a
community to provide support in this regard.
‘Apollo Ortho Wellness Circle’ was launched in the presence of Actor Arya at ‘Fork to Farm
Adventure’, a cycling event organized by Ignite 101 Gym. The support group was launched by Dr R
Sankar, Paediatric Orthopaedician, Apollo Children’s Hospitals and Dr Imitaz Ghani,
Orthopaedician, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. The doctors briefed the riders on how to keep their
bodies fit and reduce risk of injuries while riding and about the role of the support group in helping
the riders deal with injuries.
The cycling event started from Ignite Gym, Nungambakkam and ended at Jacob & Klooster Farm in
Navalur, OMR.
‘Apollo Ortho Wellness Circle’ provides medical opinions for the following issues:
. Fractures
· Sports Injuries
· Scoliosis
· Knee replacement
· Paget’s disease
· Osteoarthritis
· Bursitis
· Lower Back Pain
· Knee pain
· Hamstring injuries
· Plantar fasciitis
· Hip Fracture
· Arthritis
· & Other Common Ortho Problems

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