India’s Development Assistance to Sri Lanka Provides a Bright Future for 4 Million Lankan Students

10th March, Chennai: Since Sri Lanka went into an economic crisis last year, India has supported Colombo in every aspect possible to revamp its economy. One of the major support India extended to Sri Lanka was a $1 Billion credit facility, in March last year. India is an old development partner of Colombo and has helped the island nation on several developmental projects, such as the Sri Lankan railways by upgrading it and modernising it.

One of the most recent success under India’s partnership with Sri Lanka, with the help of the $1 Billion credit facility has been in the education sector. With the help of India, the State Printing Corporation (SPC) of Sri Lanka is reaching 4 million young Sri Lankans with textbooks that shall provide them the educational content they need to have a prosperous future through education. 

The first consignment of these text books was formally dispatched by India’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Gopal Bagalay and Sri Lanka’s Education Minister, Susil Premajaynatha on Thursday. From the credit, a total of $10 Million was utilised by SPC and private importers to procure printing paper and material for the textbooks.

India’s commitment to Sri Lanka’s education sector has always been a priority. For example, New Delhi also assists Colombo through the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Program which offers 150 scholarships to Sri Lankan students, helping them complete their advanced level studies.

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