How country delight is changing the consumer choices in Tamil Nadu to Live better

Chennai : India’s fresh food and staples market is expected to cross $50Bn+ by 2025.
Today, over 60% of the fresh foods market is unorganized with limited cold storage
capabilities, fragmented logistics chain and inadequate visibility of product quality across
the supply chain. Country Delight with its quality first DNA and tech enabled supply chain
aims to solve these challenges.
Country Delight Country delight (CD) is a tech-driven direct to home consumer brand that
delivers products that help consumers live better. Natural wellness is at the core of country
delight’s product DNA. Every product that we serve is Natural viz. Pure (No Middle Men),
Fresh (Fully owned supply chain) and Minimally Processed(As close to home-made as
possible). Country Delight has done ~8 million deliveries per month across 15 cities with
supply chain that spans across 11 states in the country.
The packaged and processed food items have become a part and parcel of our lives, we are
consuming food products that contain additives and preservatives on a daily basis risking
our health. The WHO report alarmingly revealed that 28% of food samples were adulterated
and that adulteration had doubled since 2012 in India. Country Delight has taken a tech-
driven and consumer-centric approach to solve this problem by delivering Natural, Fresh
and Minimally processed food-essentials sourced directly from farmers present across the
country and deliver to the doorstep of consumers every single day. It has grown to
become India’s leading D2C fresh food essentials brand offering dairy, fruits & vegetables
to the doorstep of consumers. The company’s business model ensures fresh deliveries in
24-36 hours facilitated by a fully integrated just-in-time supply chain model. And that has
also enabled us to launch products which fit into that whole farm to table concept.
The primary problem that a farmer faces because of conservative wholesale markets is that
of price hikes and the degradation of the quality of the products and to top it all the
problem of time is still unsolved. Agriculture engages about 50% of the workforce and
provides food security for the nation, yet it recorded only a 4% growth. Currently majority
of students graduating from agricultural universities switch to other professions. While this
generation is reaching the age of retirement, the next one does not want to farm.
“On the supply side, from the beginning, Country Delight has been built on the philosophy
of working with a lesser set of stakeholders, where you have access to relatively higher
quantities, where you have access to better quality produce, which comes in two or three
formats, It means working and choosing the right medium-sized and large-sized farms. The
idea is to select farms which have better hygiene practices, who have better cold-chain
practices, who have higher adoption to technology when it comes to better quality
milking, and all this leads to a better product fundamentally at the source”, Says Mr.
Chakradhar Gade, Co- Founder, Country Delight.

The team has also started working with IoT integration. This gives real-time updates on the
bacterial growth, which the team is receiving with all quality parameters and all payment
parameters. At the core, Country Delight works as a subscription-based business, which
offers a highly recurring revenue. Country Delight is believed in creating a fundamentally
sustainable business. Tamil Nadu is a major source for Country Delight, the Pollachi tender
coconuts are the hero products of Country Delight besides engaging with local farmers
and milk producers for the farm fresh products from TN. Country Delight is currently
focussed on TN market and intends to strengthen its business in Chennai, Coimbatore and
other major cities of the state.

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