Foodhub Software Solutions India Pvt Lt

Foodhub Software Solutions India Pvt Ltd, a UK based IT based Product Development Company located in DLF Chennai, founded in 2008 by Ardian Mula. Foodhub has been in the news lately for its successful business acquisitions and global expansion efforts.

As part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) engagement program, the Chennai leadership celebrated the festival of Diwali this year with little acts of kindness. Foodhub extended their support to Seva Chakkara Orphanage – Choolai by exchanging Diwali gifts to young girl children along with the CSR Volunteers who were generous with their time and visited the orphanage to spread warmth.

Talking about the participation in the recent event, Stephen Mcpeake (Operations Leader, Foodhub) said, “Empowering lives has been the motivation for my philanthropic work, I feel grateful that I have had this opportunity to pay back in a small way for what I have received in plenty. It gives me a wonderful feeling of having achieved something truly worthwhile. It cannot be measured in material terms.”

FoodHub is looking to expand its operations by recruiting more than 1000 IT graduates in the next 6 months as part of their global business expansion plans and to extend their efforts and contributions towards corporate social responsibilities.

Foodhub Software Solutions India Pvt.Ltd
Foodhub is an IT Product Development company based in the United Kingdom.Foodhub is widely recognised for revolutionizing the food ordering and takeaway business in UK, Australia, New zealand, US and other countries.

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