Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals perform a rare and complicated surgery on a 56-year-old neck to remove swelling in the throat

Tests showed 8×7 lump in the anterior part of the Neck
Female patient recovering post-surgery with no further complications

Chennai, 9th September 2022: Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals, one of Chennai’s leading hospitals has successfully performed a rare and complicated surgery on a 56-year-old female patient from Chennai with a swelling in the front of her neck. She has been suffering with this complaint for the past 18 months. When the swelling restricted her from swallowing solid food, she decided to come to Dr. Mehta’s Hospital. When examined, an 8×7 cm lump in the anterior part of the neck that moved with swallowing was found.

Tests were recommended and the results showed her blood investigations were within normal limits. A CT scan was also undertaken, and it confirmed the presence of a 94x83x61 mm dense soft tissue mass in the thorax. CTVS Team was roped in and once again, a biopsy was performed to confirm the diagnosis.

After necessary preoperative investigations, the patient was taken up for surgery, under General anaesthesia cervical thyroidectomy was done first and the neck lump along with thyroid gland was removed following which sternotomy using a power saw was performed and after intensive dissection the lump in the thorax was removed. Post operatively there was a good progress and hence the patient was discharged within a week.

“The patient is recovering well and is expected to come in for a checkup shortly. If the swelling was not detected at this stage, the lump would have increased resulting in a serious condition for the patient. We advise the public to constantly keep checking for any abnormal growth in the body or any difficulty they experience and attend to it immediately. Ignoring such symptoms can result in severe consequences, said, Dr. Amilthan, Consultant, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals.

Malignant transformation in Ectopic Thyroid Tissue (ETT) is typically quite uncommon, however frequent monitoring will be advised if the patient chooses to forego surgical intervention in order to identify any early indications of thyroid malfunction or malignant change, said Dr Amilthan

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