Doctors at Prashanth Hospitals successfully removed rare abdomentumor from an 87 year old lady

Chennai, May 17 th , In a path breaking procedure doctors at Prashanth
Hospitals successfully removed a tumour from the stomach of a 87 year old
lady by laproscopic surgery. The patient was brought to the hospital with
abdominal pain, vomiting and inability to eat. Endoscopy initially did not
detect a tumour but only an external compression following which a CT scan
was done which showed a huge tumour in the stomach wall of size 9x8cm. A
team of surgeons led by Dr. Gopalaswamy. G planned a laparoscopic removal
of the tumour.
During Laparoscopy it was noted that the tumour involved almost 3/4 th of the
stomach area. The whole tumour was removed successfully through
laparoscopic surgery. She was started on fluids on the third day and was
discharged after a week post the surgery. Pathologic examination of the
specimen confirmed the tumour to be a Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour.
GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumour) is a cancer that originates in the
digestive tract. The stomach and small intestine are the most common sites
for GISTs. A GIST is a cell growth that is hypothesised to develop from a
certain type of nerve cell. The walls of the digestive organs contain these
unique nerve cells.
Commenting on this procedure, Dr. Balamurugan. S, Surgical
Gastroenterologist and Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeon expressed “We
performed this complex procedure as the patient’s age was a deterring factor.
She had reported symptoms like vomiting and abdominal pain. Our expert
team of doctors effectively overcame the challenge in restoring and stabilizing
her with keyhole laparoscopic intervention by removing a huge tumour from
the stomach which had almost occupied 3/4 th  of the space in the stomach. A
near total gastrostomy was performed with safe and complete removal of the
tumour which comes under a type of tumour called GIST. We are happy to see
that the patient responded very well to our intervention and was discharged
within a week. She is currently stable and healthy post the surgery. “

Adding to this Dr. Prashanth Krishna.G, Director – Prashanth group of
Hospitals further elaborated that age is no bar for such kind of laproscopic
interventions as it ensures early recovery for the patients post-operatively.
We at Prashanth Hospitals have always ensured state of the art facilities with
our expert team of doctors and quality care in diagnosing, counseling and
treating patients in such challenging cases.
Tumours with age related complications definitely have their own set of
accompanying challenges. Laproscopic intervention through these surgeries is
always a safe and effective option in treating such complicated patients with
old age keeping in mind their long term health benefits and wellbeing. Once
again it was proved that with timely and effective interventions and precision
based diagnosis, the best treatment was provided by the renowned experts in
the field of Laparoscopy at Prashanth Multi-Speciality Hospitals in Chennai.

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