Amaron launches its brand mascot ‘Ron’

The Rons, with the glowing ‘A’ on their chest and surrounded by rings of energy, represent the

tremendous power packed inside the All-New Amaron batteries.

Chennai, 5 th July, 2022; Amaron, India’s leading automotive batteries brand, recently
unveiled their mascot – The Ron. And there’s not just one Ron; there are many of them,
each representing energy in its powerful, modern and sustainable form. Launched to
coincide with the All-New Amaron batteries, The Rons have become a trailblazer for the
automotive batteries industry, which has, till now, not been known for using brand
A futuristic figure created in Amaron’s green brand colour scheme, the Rons, with a
glowing ‘A’ on their chest signify the tremendous energy at the heart of the All-New
Amaron. With digital screens for faces, Rons are capable of displaying emoticons, GIFs
and more. Rons are surrounded by rings of energy, representing the tremendous power
packed inside the All-New Amaron batteries.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that energy now has a face you can recognise –
Rons. With Brand Amaron pushing the boundaries of its markets, the launch of a
mascot seems the ideal step to take, to help bring the brand to global markets.
This is a marked change in how the industry interacts with consumers. Mascots create
an emotional connect with people, and become indelibly etched in their memory, as
they come to represent the brand over time. It is a major step forward for how the
industry looks to engage with consumers and stakeholders alike.
Speaking about the launch of Ron, Mr Jayadev Galla, Chairman and Managing
Director, Amara Raja Batteries Limited, said “We had always planned to launch a
brand mascot and were waiting for the right opportunity. Brand ambassadors and
celebrities are valuable, but they don’t become uniquely identifiable with a brand for
extended periods. A mascot is timeless and unique. And this is the right time to
introduce the Rons, with Amaron expanding not just across India, but into international
markets. As we launch the All-New Amaron batteries, We expect our Rons to bring
global recognisability to Amaron over time”
The mascot was created by the Design Cell at Ogilvy India. Speaking about the project,
Sujoy Roy, Executive Creative Director, said “We worked on the Rons for over a year,
trying to create the ideal mascot. We didn’t want to go the way of typical cereal
mascots, or simplistic human figures, or animals. Amaron needed a mascot that did
justice to the brand’s evolution and expansion – something stylish, modern, and truly
21st-century, representative of Amaron’s core promise of energy that lasts long, really

With the nation returning to the roads in a major way after the challenges of the
pandemic, this is an exciting time for the automotive battery industry. Very soon, Rons
will dot the nation’s landscape, and become the face of energy.

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