60-year-old with Severe Parkinson’s disease gets a new life after Deep Brain Stimulation at Fortis Vadapalani

~ The surgery lasted for over 10-hours

~ The Newly Launched Comprehensive Parkinson’s Disease and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Clinic will benefit medicine resistant patients

Chennai, 28 February 2023: A 60-year-old patient with off-state Parkinson’s disease with
developing OFF dystonia found fresh hope after Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (DBS) at Fortis
Hospital Vadapalani’s recently launched Comprehensive Parkinson’s Disease and Movement
Disorder Center. DBS is a neurological technique that involves implanting hair-thin electrodes
deep inside the brain to stimulate the brain and alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms. Under the
guidance of Dr. K Bhanu, HOD Neurology, the Fortis team led by Dr. Vikash Agarwal,
Parkinson’s Disease and DBS Specialist, successfully completed the 10-hour long surgery.
The patient was presented in a state of complete immobility and was non-responsive to medication.
After carefully reviewing the case, the team of neurologists, which included Dr. Vikash Agarwal,
Parkinson’s Disease and DBS Specialist, Dr. K. Visvanathan, Senior Consultant Epilepsy and Functional
Neurosurgeon, Dr. Shubha Subramanian, Consultant Neurologist, and Dr. K. Sudhakar, Consultant
Neurosurgeon, concluded that DBS would be the most effective treatment for his condition.
Dr. Vikash Agarwal, Parkinson’s Disease and DBS Specialist, Fortis Hospital Vadapalani, said, “Deep
Brain Stimulation is a boon for patients with severe Parkinson’s disease and those taking unacceptably
high dosages of medicines.  The patient, who is in his 60s, came to see us in a state of off dystonia, a
drug-resistant form of Parkinson’s disease. The team completed the 10-hour long surgery and implanted
the electrodes in the patient’s brain. The first challenge in such cases is that older adults typically have
co-morbid conditions. Additionally, any kind of external implants to the body may cause bleeding and
infection, both of which might lead to stroke. As assessing the patient’s brain response is necessary, the
surgery must be carried out while the patient is awake. However, the success rate of DBS surgery is high
when performed by qualified movement disorder specialists, neuro experts and with advanced medical
technology. A successful operation will result in an almost 15-year extension of quality life in Parkinson’s
patients in most cases.”
Mr. Venkata Phanidhar Nelluri, SBU Head, Fortis Hospitals, Chennai said “We are excited to launch
Fortis’ Comprehensive Parkinson’s Disease and DBS Clinic, to provide cutting-edge treatment for
movement disorders. The DBS Clinic would address Movement Disorders and empower patients to live a
normal, self-sufficient life.” 
“In Tamil Nadu, there are very few facilities dedicated to providing high end interventions for movement
disorders. Our centre has the distinction of hosting a multidisciplinary team of Neurologists,

Neurosurgeons, Neuro Anaesthetists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Pain Management Specialists, and
Neuro Rehabilitation Specialists for providing Comprehensive DBS treatment. We have made conscious
efforts to ensure that we provide DBS treatments at an affordable cost.”

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